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We recognize increasing interest to our EU-H2020 STRIKE3 project and we are receiving more and more questions and feedback on the activities and results. We are very glad and happy on that response and want to thank you very much!

In order to share all the ongoing discussions and Q & A with all of you, we have opened a forum at our webpage. Currently there are two parts:

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There you can input your comments and questions and start any discussion about STRIKE3 topics, like jamming, signal data base, receiver testing, standardisation, etc.

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There we inform you about conferences and events, where STRIKE3 will be participating and who of the team will be there. This provides you the possibility to make appointments to meet us personally. We also would be happy to receive information from you on other conferences and events world-wide concerning STRIKE3 matters. There are many things ongoing all over the world and we cannot participate everywhere.

The FORUM is open up for everybody to read all contributions and blogs. However, if you want to participate actively you might register yourself with name, company and e-mail address.

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About the Project

STRIKE3 is a new European initiative to support the increasing use of GNSS within safety, security, governmental and regulated applications. The aim of STRIKE3 is to develop international standards in the area of GNSS threat reporting and GNSS receiver testing.

This is going be achieved through the deployment and operation of an international GNSS interference monitoring network to capture the scale and dynamics of the problem, and through work with international GNSS partners to develop, negotiate, promote and implement standards for threat reporting and receiver testing.

Please watch our new STRIKE3 project video:

If you'd like to know more about the STRIKE3 service and how it could be used within your application then please contact us at info[at]gnss-strike3.eu for more information.

International Threat Suppression

Monitor & Capturing
Central Logging Analysis & Reporting
Receiver Testing for Robustness



International Threat Database Reporting Standard



STRIKE3 Mid-term Event: Successful meeting of Stakeholders for Workshop & real Jammer Demonstrations

Recently, STRIKE3 project stakeholders from all over Europe met together to get informed about the status and progress of this important GSA-H2020 project. Thanks to the workshop organisation this two-day event provided an ideal platform for talks and to exchange manifold experiences from different points of view. Follow this link for further information --> jump to stakeholder event

Project Outcomes: Documents Available NOW:

The project is still ongoing. The following documents on the project's outcomes are available now. Further documents will be published along with the project's progress.

  • STRIKE3 ScoreCard
    ScoreCards showing current results on analysis of international GNSS interference monitoring stations --> here

  • STRIKE3 Reporting Standards Document available in updated version 2.1 --> here

  • STRIKE3 Receiver Testing Document available for download for public review --> here

STRIKE3 in the press:

VDI-Wissensforum Sept. 2018 (German Text): New article published on STRIKE3: 'Internationale Langzeitanalysen von GPS-Störungen und Empfängertests'

--> You can find the article right here: ---> VDI-Wissensforum <---

Inside GNSS magazine July-August 2018: New article published on STRIKE3: 'How can we ensure GNSS receivers are robust to real-world interfrerence threats?'

--> You can find the article right here: ---> Inside GNSS <---


Signal-to-Noise of GNSS Signals


Disturbed RF Power


Jammer Spectogram (Example)

International Sensor Network
International Standards
International Threat Database

The STRIKE3 project is supported by European Commission funding within the programme H2020 through the European GNSS Agency (GSA).


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